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America s war on drugs can be won and drugs can be eliminated forever

Official U.S. denial of responsibility for the death and destruction wrought in Vietnam was reinforced by various cultural expressions. Accounts of the war in films such as The Deer Hunter (1978), First Blood (1982), Uncommon Valor (1983), Missing in Action (1984), Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985), Hamburger Hill (1987), and Rambo III (1988) present American soldiers as righteous warriors who were prevented from winning by inept Washington politicians, the “liberal” media, and the peace movement. These films were part of a larger reactionary movement designed to restore America’s noble self-image, assuage guilt, and drown out the outrage felt by other Americans convinced that the administration had lied its way into an unnecessary war. Stories were spread that antiwar activists had spit on returning vets and that American POWs were being held in Vietnam, making America appear the victim rather than the aggressor in the war. The “lesson” for the hawkish crowd was that the U.S. should have, and could have, won the war.

11/09/2017 · How can this war be won when the government has to spend so ..

Today, our nation is fighting two wars: one abroad and one at home. While the war in Iraq is in the headlines, the other war is still being fought on our own streets. Its casualties are the wasted lives of our own citizens. Americans are paying too high a price in lives and liberty for a failing war on drugs about which our leaders have lost all sense of proportion...

war on drugs can never be won. - National Review

Cannabis Now believes that if President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions re-create the War on Drugs, it will be a bad policy.

What are the social, political, and economic costs of supply-side approaches to the war on drugs? What alternatives have been presented to current strategies? Can they work? Why or why not?

On October 31, 1968, with the antiwar movement in full-swing and public opinion having turned against the war, President Johnson ended Operation Rolling Thunder, hoping to boost the presidential prospects of his vice president, Hubert Humphrey. Republican candidate Richard Nixon won the election and continued this official halt, while increasing the bombing of South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. He nonetheless wanted DRV leaders in Hanoi to believe that he was ready to employ all means necessary to win the war, perhaps even nuclear weapons. According to Nixon’s Chief of Staff, H. R. Haldeman, Nixon had confided to him:

The war on crime can be partly won by curbing ..

will clearly show why the current War on Drugs is a battle that cannot be won.

The war on drugs has succeeded in little more than packing America's prisons with low-level offenders. If the battle is being won, why is the scourge of methamphetamine use spreading around the country? Why is the marijuana bought on the street today more potent than it was 35 years ago? ...

Our government shows advanced symptoms of being addicted to its own War on Drugs. Like hopeless addicts, our leaders refuse to admit the destructive consequences of their behavior and they habitually increase their drug war dosage with copious injections of cash. They are always looking for a stronger fix, but they can't pay for it so they run-up the nation's debt. Drug enforcement agents often act as judge, jury and executioner, and the media reinforces their negative behavior while they live in denial of their own role, like a co-dependent partner.

News media play up public fears to sell copy. Politicians play upon the same fears while they sell themselves as being "tough on crime." Every year they ban more activities, and pass longer prison sentences, more forfeiture laws, and higher enforcement budgets. The next year they repeat this same ritual. Well-paid bureaucrats scrutinize the legal system for glimmers of compassion, discretion and freedom to close the "loopholes." Drug warriors write anti-*This* acts and omnibus *That* laws and forbid discussion of reform. Human rights violations and conflicts of interest within the prison and law enforcement industries are accepted as a regrettable aspect of fighting the war. Year after year of property seizures; more mothers and fathers in prison; one marijuana arrest every 49 seconds with over 11 million busts served; the biggest law enforcement budgets in history; the most sweeping and intrusive police powers ever...and more on the way.

Lost in all of the anti-drug hysteria is a simple, undeniable fact. That is, until they become casualties of the Drug War.

No war against criminals can be won where the rule of law is not respected, ..
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It is hard to imagine that the war on drugs can ever be won ..

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Can the War on Terror Be Won? | Foreign Affairs

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on drugs retain the notion that the war on drugs can be won

After two and a half months of intensive bargaining, a set of agreements was finalized on July 21. The agreements called for a temporary division of Vietnam at the 17th parallel in order to allow Viet Minh forces to withdraw to the north, and French forces to withdraw to the south. National elections, north and south, were scheduled for July 1956, after which Vietnam would have one government ruling the whole country. During the two-year interim, the Geneva Agreements expressly prohibited the introduction of additional military personnel, foreign arms, and foreign military bases throughout Vietnam. The final declaration emphasized that the “military demarcation line is provisional and should not in any way be interpreted as constituting a political or territorial boundary.” The Viet Minh, having won the war, made a significant compromise in delaying its assumption of power. It did so at the behest of the Chinese and Soviet delegations, both of which were interested in reducing Cold War tensions with the United States.

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