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Education is never ending process…

When parents think about their children's future, they see a college education as vital to their children's success, and when they say they want a college education for their children, they most frequently mean an education in a four-year college. Speaking about their oldest child in high school, fully 77% of parents feel that a college education would be the best thing for that child, with 55% hoping for a four-year college experience and another 22% thinking that a community college would be best. Only 16% say that it would be best for their child to go to trade school (see ).

Parents' preference for a college education for their children, rather than trade school, complements their view of college not just as the ticket to a good income but also as an entry to higher standing and social status. In focus groups, people frequently commented that there are not enough people who are learning well-paying trades such as plumbing, and they spoke favorably of the need for more trade schools. When we asked parents of high schoolers what they would recommend to a recent high school graduate from a low-income family who had good grades but low test scores, 47% -- a plurality of this group -- recommended trade school for such a student, presumably thinking that it would be a ticket to a well-paying job. But, at the same time, trade school is not what most people want for their own children. They want their children not only to have a job with good pay, but also to have the kind of job and social standing that they see as following from a college education.

Even More Important for Minorities

Because Public Agenda conducted additional survey interviews and focus groups with African American and Hispanic parents of high school students, this study affords the unique opportunity to compare the attitudes of these two groups with white parents, as well as with the general public. A host of explanations have been offered as to why Hispanic and African American participation rates in higher education are lower than the population as a whole. Some have argued that higher rates of poverty in these groups make access to higher education more difficult; others suggest that predominantly black or Hispanic high schools are less successful in preparing students for college work. It is also sometimes suggested that members of these minority groups, compared to other populations, do not place as high a value on higher education.

The findings from this study seem conclusively to eliminate this last reason. Higher education is important for all Americans, but it is especially important to African American and Hispanic parents, who are significantly more likely to emphasize higher education than either white parents or the population as a whole.

The high value on college education is particularly clear when we ask people how important a college education is for success in later life. As demonstrates, Hispanic parents are the most likely to assign high importance to higher education, followed by African American parents and then by white parents. When we ask the general public which factor is most important for success, no single factor commands majority support. The largest percentage (35%) do say that a college education is most important, but almost equally high percentages opt for other factors, such as knowing how to get along with people (30%) or a good work ethic (26%). But when we turn to the responses of minority parents, a much higher level of commitment emerges, with 65% of Hispanic parents identifying a college education as the most important factor, and 47% of African American parents. The Hispanic response, in other words, is nearly double that of the population in general.

This emphasis on college also surfaced in a focus group with African American parents in Chicago and in another with Hispanic parents in El Paso. The respondents frequently spoke of higher education as the key to economic and social mobility, and as one possible way to overcome the barriers of poverty and prejudice.

Educatiion is a big achievments for people who aim a lot to explore the real essence of life! 🙂

Well, the education is not limited to schools or colleges only, nor it is limited to age. The things happening in the practical life also educate us. Anyways, coming to the question in hand, read out the importance of education in our life below.

Essay Example On Importance Of Education In The Modern World

Yes, because Education is the key to success.I hope you learn something about what I said it is short but brief .??

A focus group of Hispanic parents in El Paso was particularly engaged by this topic. These parents dispelled the notion that as immigrants, or children of immigrants, they were unaware of the importance of college education in American society. In fact, these parents felt that their families' status as recent immigrants enabled them to recognize the importance of higher education even more clearly. As one father in the group said:

A society which is uneducated cannot think on rational lines. In the medieval period, long before the renaissance, people often fought mindless wars that resulted in bloodshed as they were illiterate and ignorant. Importance of education in modern times cannot be understated as it forms an integral part of our lives in following ways:

Importance of art in society essay paper - …

“The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, esp. at a school or university: “a new system of public education”.

nice essay … its help me a lot.. thanks this essay show the importance of education not only in our life but also in our society. education is very important for every person . well educated people make good society ..

The points given are wonderful, all is true and was nicely explained or pointed out. Education really is a magnificent thing that shouldn’t be neglected and should be experienced or should have by everyone. Education as stated has not only one but many more advantages and gifts to an individual and to the society itself, education produces knowledge that when honed can become a sustainable competitive advantage of an individual and of a company. Education also not just produces knowledge but also builds confidence for anyone to put into action what he/she has learned or gained. This essay is a truly powerful one. thanks to the writer.

Was a very pleasing and soothing explanation on education. Explained all basic and necessity thing that a educated man has.
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Essay on Education for Children and Students

Education is an essential human virtue, a necessity of society, basis of good life and sign of freedom. Education is important for integration of separate entities. Let’s take a look at the importance of education in our life:

How to Know the Importance of Education: 9 Steps …

Education is a must for every living being. In today’s world, education has become a need. It is true that there is no life without education. Well thanks for providing us a short and sweat essay on such a great topic.

Essay on importance of college education

This essay is also available in .
I took the inspiration for this from ThePensters. They can help you in essay writing along with the educational process. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about importance of education in the comments below.

The importance of getting a college education essays

Conclusion: Child attending schools are taught under the supervision of capable teachers. They understand the essence of life and gain invaluable knowledge about their surroundings. Fostering basic principles of humanity and reasoning, the modern education is an eye opener for every person on earth. In short, a balanced life and reputed standing in society is only possible with the shining light of knowledge.

24.09.2007 · Essay | The Value of College Search

Education is responsible for achieving the goals in life: An ignorant individual would never be able to plan and achieve success. It is only possible with the help of sustained education at different levels. Without the capability to read, write and think, human life is no better than an animal. Knowledge provides numerous means to the people to accomplish the goals. For instance, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, it is necessary to get an education about the relevant business domain.

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