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Royal Knowledge Centre: Essay on Kite Festival

The poorly-seen blue-on-red kite in theupper left corner is an astronaut in an Apollo-style spacesuit. Thesecond series, offered in 1972, was the "energy" series. I don't havethe kites or a photo of all of them, but I'll quote from the flier thatwas included with the kites in the box: "Our new offer features thesame five kite models with designs depicting the five basic types ofenergy: Mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical, and atomic." Themechanical energy kite shows a set of meshing gears in brown on a white background. The thermal kite is a red flame on yellowpaper; the electrical kite is a purple thunderbolt on white paper; thechemical kite is the chemical formula C12H22O11 in red, again on yellowpaper. (The formula for...sugar! What could be more breakfast cerealthan that!) The atomic kite is a white Bohr atom on purple paper. Thedesigns are bold and would make good wall art, and I see them come upon eBay regularly at reasonable prices, both individually and as full sets.

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BeyondTopFlite and Alox, there just weren't a lot of companies making paperkites in the Hi-Flier style. One was Cloudbuster Kites, which I haveseen on the collector market but never in stores back in my youth. Thekites look pre-1960 somehow, but I have no good information on whenCloudbuster was in operation. I think Cloudbuster may eventually havebeen acquired by TopFlite or vise versa, because I have seen the samedesign (theCircus Clown, at right, from the John J. Nauer collection) with bothfirms' logos, but have had noconfirmation. Ido not know wherethe company was located. If you have any information on Cloudbusterkites, especially what firm made them and when, please pass italong.

Kite Flying Day Or Makar Sankranti Essay For Kids

The Alox kite line goes all the way back to the company'sfounding in 1919,and continued until the company closed its doors in 1989. They made boxkites, diamond kites, and barn door kites in both paper and plasticversions. Alox aquired the assets of Wilder Manufacturing in St. Louisin 1937. Wilder manufactured paper kites, in the "Eagle Flyer" design,in both diamond and barn-door versions. I have recently made theaquaintance of Nancy Frier, John Frier's granddaughter, who is thesource of most of the information I have on both Alox and Wilder. that includesphotos ofsome of the kites and one of the machines on which kites were beingmade. Nancy actually worked the presses and foldingmachines in the 1970s and 1980s, and still has the copper letterpressplates from which the Alox kites were printed. She is trying to find afirm that can print new kites from the original plates—so Alox kitesmay in fact fly again!

Thebest-known TopFlite kite design is probably the Man in the Moon,followed closely by the Jolly Roger. The Man in the Moon design wassold in both a diamond version and a barn-door version. Many peopleremember these as Hi-Fliers, because they are the same size andproportions, and printed on the same kind ofpaper. Interestingly, TopFlite used plastic sticks on some of theirlater paper kites. (See the photo above.) A nice diamond Man in theMoon specimen recently sold on eBay for over $300—and the barn doorversion shown here for just under $300! The Jolly Roger kites sell forjust about as much if they're in unusually good condition. It's anexcellent design, as you can still see the artwork when the kite is out there.

Kite flying day is my favorite festival

In1987, Hi-Flierdid something I had never before seen them do: Print a photograph on apaper kite. The kite shown at left, with the Space Shuttlelifting off, is the latest Hi-Flier paper kite that I've everseen. (Note thecopyright date on the packaging photo at left.) Interestingly, the design shown at left is not present in the 1987 Hi-Fliertrade catalog. In that catalog, paper kites are present on only asingle page of the 30-page catalog, and then only in the small 30" X24" format. So the small-format paper kites were in fact the lastHi-Flier paper kites to survive the long slide into plastic.

Likeany other skill, kite-flying took practice, and a certain amount ofstudy. (I took all three kite books out of out local public libraryrepeatedly.) The small kites were wonderful "trainers" because theydidn't cost a lot of money, and if you wrecked one, you learned whatyou could from the experience, hunted up another couple of bottles, andbought another.

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Kite flying essay - Academic Writing Help – An …

I think folk music should be learned less like science, and more like cooking or like kissing or gardening. The whole joy is teaching yourself and expressing yourself, and not looking over your shoulder worrying about doing it right or wrong. It's more like tribal drumming than it is like classroom learning. It is a meditative activity more than an academic discipline, and perhaps the simplicity of it and its small size make it easier to find the path out of yourself and out of the worries and the self-conscious mind. The violin and the saxophone are all about failure. You try to play them and it takes forever to get one good note. Anybody can make a whole slew of good notes from an autoharp with no skill or knowledge or practice. It's almost too easy, which no doubt is why it does not get proper respect in some music circles. It's like a good magic trick that is really easy to learn. It works the first time. It's like a boat that's big enough for everybody or a picnic where there is enough watermelon to go around. It's like paddling a canoe downstream or flying a kite when there's a good wind. It's a wonderful little raft to float on, where ordinary people can experience the joys of the music river without years of pain and failure.

Kite flying essay - Why be concerned about the review

It'sunclear when Hi-Flier's Decaturoperation ceased (our best guess is 1988 or so) but the paper kitebusiness in general is now long extinct. Even the ad/promo kites thatused to be Hi-Flier's bread and butter are now made of plasticsomewhere else (generally China) and fly poorly if they fly at all.(There's one exception: which many of ussaw as the "Green Giant kite" during periodic boxtop campaigns forfrozen veggies as long ago as 1987. They flew beautifully, though theyhave not been made for quite a few years.)

Essay on kite flying - The Last Degree

Thesecost a quarter when I flew them (later 29 cents and later still a dollar)and when I had quarters—which wasn't often—I bought better things thankites. I remember flying a couple with my cousin Ron down in BlueIsland. Ron was always spoiled and had the best toys, including thebiggest Erector set I ever saw. The most common design for plastic bowkites was a Flash-Gordon style spacecraft with the legend "Orbiteer." There weretwo overall color schemes, blue (as shown here) and magneta. The one I flew is shown at right. The Orbiteer design was rearrangedand freshened up a little in the late 1960s, when the slogan"Color-Glow" was added to all Hi-Flier's plastic bow kites. Plastickites were madein all three of the standard kite sizes.

Essay on Kite Flying and Management Lessons - 1022 …

Hi-Flier didverywell, and was sellingtwenty millionkites a year at a time when there were only seven million kids ofkite-flying age in the country. Sellers understood the nature andeconomics of paper kites when he said that "...a kite not caught in atree is like an ice-cream cone not eaten." By making them inexpensive,he knew his little "consumers" would just go back to the dime store andbuy another when the trees took their inevitable due. (Quoted from .)

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