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It is not, though, vital for the good citizen to be a good man.

He asserts his rights and performs his duties with equal zest, His rights in fact imply his duties. Dance reflection essay english lyric essay concert band recordings, A citizen duties good of on Essay.

A good citizen does what is best for the community, his city.

It is as if someone is saying, "This is the good man so try to be like him." If it were believed that the good citizen is the same as the good man, there would exist a lot more injustice in the world.

This is because the good citizen doesn't have to care about others.

Who a person is doesn't greatly affect what kind of citizen he will be.

Another thing which is necessary is good health. There may be circumstances which may be beyond our control; but by and large it is the duty of a good citizen to look after his health. For if a man is healthy. he can bestir himself for others; if he is healthy he can do his duty and can afford to he brave; lie can also save the of many precious man-hours. A healthy mind finds its natural habitat in a healthy body.

We started this essay in class on the smart board by discussing ideas. The goal of this essay was to write three paragraphs describing carefully what makes me a good citizen in three places; at school, at home, and in the community where I live. Examples were given in each case to demonstrate how my actions make me a good citizen. I enjoyed writing this essay because it made me think about how I can impact my friends, family, community, and the earth based on what I do as a citizen. This was a good topic to start with.

The good man is recognizably superior to the good citizen.

Being a good citizen does not stop when I leave my house. Living well with the people around you is as important inside as it is outside, with your community. First, I do not throw anything on the streets so they stay clean. I make sure I throw them in a trash can. I also go out biking with other children nearby to create friendship. When my neighbors or friends are out of town out of town, I help my parents take care of their house. I like my neighborhood because most people are good citizen and obey the rules.

Home is an important place. This is where I live with my family and where being a good citizen is necessary to make it a nice place to live. It starts with helping each other with common tasks such as taking the trash out and cleaning up the table after a nice dinner. I also try not to spread my stuff all over the house and stay organized by cleaning up my room on the weekend. I also follow some rules like turning off the light when I leave a room or placing items in the correct bins to be recycled and protect the environment. When all of us participate, it makes my home a great place to live.

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He feels452 words essay onA Good Citizen.

School Is a place were you need to be a good citizen to make things work better. Citizenship standards were introduced this year at ISTP. It is the responsibility of every student to follow the rules to become a good citizen at school. Rules include helping each others when needed, raising your hand to ask for permission to talk, and be honest at all times with other people, friends and teachers. It is important to me to be a good citizen at school so I can have many friends, being a good student and have a nice environment to study.

BeingFree sample essay on a Good Citizen.

The Good Samaritan law, which requires a bystander to provide aid to those who are in harm’s way if there is no apparent immediate danger to the bystander, encroaches upon the rights of a citizen....

A good citizenneeds to imbibe manyIntroduction.

A home and a family are a miniature group. If a person gets his values and priorities correct while living in it, he will make a good citizen. A good citizen must put the interest of his country before his own personal interest and he should not enter into any contract which may prove harmful to the interest of his country and he must do his share of the work and share due responsibilities. These are the qualities which add up to strength and character. A good citizen puts his country before self. There are many jobs which if correctly performed add to the national progress. Industries, when expanded properly, become a part of national wealth. They provide opportunities for employment and development. A farmer, a teacher, a soldier each one is important in his own role. He who loves his country puts his heart in his job and does it to the best of his ability. A good citizen stays away from anti-social activities like smuggling and corruption.

He is the good citizen and a whole lot more.

The purpose of this essay is to outline what makes me a good citizen. In class we have discussed and brainstormed the meaning of citizenship on the Smart Board. This discussion was the first step of the writing process, commonly known as the . We decided as a group that citizenship has different meanings depending on the setting. For example, being a good citizen can involve helping my neighbors taking out the garbage if they are ill. Citizenship also relates to elections because it is important to understand the goals of people running to be the next President of the United States. At school, citizenship relates to the new citizenship standards that will bee on my report card. Global citizenship relates to protecting to protecting our environment and working to be “green”, and we read an article about sustainability in class. This essay will focus on three ways in which I am a good citizen at school, at home, and in my community where I live.

A good citizen always obeys the law and respects authority.

The purpose of this essayis to outline what makes me a goodEssay on CitizenshipA good citizenshould ail the time keep thinkingHow to be a Good Citizen:: 2 Works Cited How to be a Good CitizenA Good citizenis one who knows his rights and duties as a citizentoIf you want to be a good citizen, Also, you can clean your room and help withEssay on responsibilities of a good citizen- All sorts of academic writingsGood Citizen Essays.

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